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Elantxobe Route

From Bermeo, towards Ogoño, we can see the entrance of the marshes, Mundaka and Laida beach. Following that route we arrive to Laga Beach and the Caves of Ogoño. We can also see Izaro Island from all perspectives. The route ends in the picturesque port of Elantxobe, to return to Bermeo.


Gaztelugatxe Route

We arrive next to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, between Cape Matxitxako and Bakio. A coastal stretch in which the land and sea engage in battle. This landscape of unique beauty, added to the historic interest of the area, earned it its classification as a protected Biotopo.


Or if you prefer, dedicate the rental time to a relaxing bath near the island of Izaro or surroundings ... Leaving Bermeo we will anchor in the most appropriate area depending on the weather, to feel for a few moments the tranquility of a place dominated by the sound of waves caressing the nearby shore.

A la carte service for private groups, in which the client chooses the day of departure, time, duration and route to be taken.

Price for 1 hour rental:



Minimum 14 adults to be able to rent particularly

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2 hours - 22€ person

  • Bermeo-Gaztelugatxe-Izaro Island-Ogoño Caves-Elantxobe-Mundaka-Bermeo.
  • Bermeo-Izaro Island-Ogoño-Elantxobe-Mundaka-Bermeo with 45 minutes to stop at Elantxobe or Mundaka.

3 hours - 30€ person

  • Bermeo-Gaztelugatxe-Izaro Island-Ogoño-Elantxobe-Mundaka-Bermeo with an hour to stop at Elantxobe or Mundaka.
  • Bermeo-Izaro Island-Ogoño-Elantxobe-Mundaka-Bermeo with stops of 45 minutes at Elantxobe and Mundaka.

4 hours - 38€ person

  • Bermeo-Izaro-Lekeitio-Elantxobe-Ogoño-Mundaka-Bermeo with 2 hours to stop at some port.
  • Bermeo-Gaztelugatxe-Izaro Island-Ogoño-Elantxobe-Mundaka-Bermeo with stops of an hour at Elantxobe and Mundaka, as well as a swim.

Or just let go, with nothing pre-set

There is music on board, and the customer can bring his own on CD or pendrive.

Likewise, they can bring both food and drink.


Long Tour

DURATION: 1 hour.

We depart from Bermeo, surrounding the island of Izaro, towards Cape Ogoño, imposing cliff with its limestone caves to reach the picturesque harbor of Elantxobe and return coasting along the beaches of Laga and Laida and the estuary of Urdaibai. It is also possible to make a route to Gaztelugatxe, currently very much in vogue for having been the scene of the famous series "Game of Thrones"

  • 20-30 children 9.00€/student
  • 30-60 children 8.00€/student
  • More than 60 children 7.00€/student

Short Tour

DURATION: Half an hour.

Specially recommended route for young schoolchildren (up to 6 years old), in their first contact with the marine environment. Leaving Bermeo, we go to the island of Izaro to, surrounding it, enter the domains of Seagulls and Cormorants, absolute owners of said enclave, returning to Bermeo approaching the charming port of Mundaka, seeing the entrance to the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.

  • 22-30 children 6.50€/student
  • 30-60 children 6.00€/student
  • More than 60 children 5.50€/student

It is also possible to combine our services with the performance of other activities:

Guided Tours
Visits to the Fisherman's Museum

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“A la carte” Tour

You choose

Time, duration, route.

Urdaibai Tours

Ports: Bermeo, Elantxobe, Mundaka, Lekeitio, swimming areas (Izaro, Ogoño ...)


Minimum 14 passengers (or assume its price)


The tours are held throughout the year.