Our Boats

Hegaluze Barria

Capacity: 66 passengers

Its main purpose is to make trips to cetacean sighting, routes in Urdaibai ... besides being able to be rented by groups with a personalized or “a la carte” service.

Offers toilet with access for disabled people, music, P.A. and a sighting platform.



Capacity: 25 passengers

Ideal for bachelor parties, routes through the ports of the area or to know the most inaccessible corners of our beautiful Basque Coast. It provides a sense of adventure to sailing.


Our Services

  • Regular Routes

    Get to know Urdaibai’s Biosphere from a different perspective.
  • Cetacean Sighting

    Step into an offshore trip where you will have a lot to see: dolphins, pilot whales, sperm whales, whales, beaked whales...
  • School Centers

    Kids will have the opportunity to connect with this great medium that is the sea.
  • Gallery

    Visit our gallery to have an idea of the various adventures that we have experienced to date.
  • Personalized Routes

    Design a perfect day of sailing with your friends or partner.
  • Academy

    Recreational degrees with Hegaluze.

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Additional Services

It is also possible to combine our services with the performance of other activities such as:



Guided Tours


Nautical Knots Workshops

How It Works

Visit to the Fisherman’s/Whaling Museum.

How It Works

... And much more.

Discover the beauty of the Basque Coast...

and enjoy its gastronomy in the old port of Bermeo


About Hegaluze

Hegaluze is a company with a long history of commitment to the natural and cultural environment. Sailing enthusiasts, we offer to anyone who approaches Bermeo the opportunity to venture into this wonderful world that is the sea.

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